Supreme Council

Supreme Council of Da Afghanistan Bank is known as highest decision-making and policy-making body of Da Afghanistan Bank. Members of Supreme Council are responsible to develop overall policies of DAB and supervise administration and its operations. Supreme Council of DAB is composed of seven members and the term for each member is five years. Supreme council of Da Afghanistan Bank sets a meeting once each three months or more frequently when needed. Their assignment is made through presidential decree.

Members of Supreme Council:


 Khalil Sediq

Da Afghanistan Bank Governor and Chairman of Supreme Council

Mr. Khalil Sediq has completed his primary school in Chahar Asyab district, Kabul and secondary education in Habibia High school. After completion of high school, he joined Economics faculty of Kabul University and obtained his bachelor degree in macroeconomic in 1970. Following his graduation from university, he started to work as an employee in Da Afghanistan Bank and served in different sections of Da Afghanistan Bank. In 1980, Mr. Sediq has worked as director general of foreign trade department and then appointed as director general of research department in 1981. In 1982, he was appointed as first deputy of Da Afghanistan Bank based on presidential decree. From 1986 to 1989, he has worked as advisor to Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank. In 1990, as per presidential decree, Mr. Sediq was appointed as the Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank. Mr. Sediq was appointed as Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank after attaining vote of confidence from the Parliament (Wolesi Jirga) and was officially introduced by His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to his post in 13th July 2015.












Wahidullah Nosher

First Deputy Governor and Deputy of Supreme Council

Mr. Wahidullah Nosher has been appointed as First Deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) as per the proposal of Da Afghanistan Bank dated 24.12.2016, and presidential decree no. 3365, dated 27th December 2016.

Mr. Nosher is an economist and banker. He pursued his MBA in global banking and finance at University of Birmingham in year 2009, where he was awarded overall distinction.

In addition, he holds a bachelor and master degrees in economics from International Islamic University of Pakistan; for his academic excellence, he was awarded gold medals in both in his programs.

Mr. Nosher has served in various roles in different capacities both inside and outside Afghanistan. He served as Economic Policy Adviser to Minister of Finance, in Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan in year 2008.

He also served as Deputy Director General Monetary Policy Department, at Da Afghanistan Bank in 2005.





Dr. Shah Mohammad Mehrabi


Member of Supreme Council




Moh. Yasin Osmani


Member of Supreme Council






Katrin Fakiri


Member of Supreme Council, Da Afghanistan Bank

Ms. Katrin Fakiri has been appointed as member of supreme council of Da Afghanistan Bank.

Ms. Fakiri is holding BA in English from San Jose State University, US.

She has also earned certificates in capacity-building of Microfinance Institutions, Training of Trainers (ToT) in Women's handicrafts from Italy and in Microfinance from Bangladesh.

Before joining DAB as member of Supreme Council, Ms. Fakiri has served as HR director in US-based Net Centrex INC from 2000 to 2003.

She started her career in Afghanistan in 2003 and has worked across various organizations. Ms. Fakiri founded and worked as CEO of PARWAZ organization in 2003 and after a year in 2004, she was appointed as HR director in First Microfinance Bank (FMFB). Ms. Katrin Fakiri remained as CEO of PARWAZ organization through 2008 following which she served as CEO of Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) until 2013. Meanwhile, she also had the foundation board membership of Afghanistan Microfinance Association and established the basis for strategic policies and effective leadership in MISFA and Microfinance sector.

Ms. Fakiri holds professional knowledge, expertise and work experience in Finance, Commerce, Legal affairs and HR. Moreover, she has 13 years of work experience in Finance and Management and 5 years in the field of HR. Among her masterworks is creating an effective marketing strategy along with efforts to build opportunities for businesses. She has the honor of receiving CGAP award over facilitating ground for more than 5000 Afghan women to launch small and medium enterprises.

She has been recently appointed as member of Supreme Council of DAB as per the proposal of DAB's governor and presidential decree No. 1945 dated 20th September 2016.