Job Title:Core Banking System(CBS) and Database Examiner

Wed, Sep 16 2020 12:16 PM
Core Banking System(CBS) and Database Examiner

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پُست  Core Banking System(CBS) and Database Examiner) (آمریت عمومی نظارت از بانکها به رقابت آزاد  سپرده می شود.

عنوان پُست  : Core Banking System(CBS) and Database Examiner

گرید :        هشتم

نوع استخدام :  دایمی

تعداد بست های خالی : 2

موقعیت : کابل

وظایف و مسئولیت ها :

• Plan, execute and lead CBS and Database examination across financial institutions

• Performs general and application control reviews from simple to complex computer information systems

• Performs information control reviews to include system development standards, operating procedures, system security, programming controls, communication controls, backup and disaster recovery, and system maintenance

• inspect and evaluate financial and information systems, management procedures and controls

• Reviews policies, procedures and standards in IT related to CBS, Database and other information systems

• Evaluates the efficiency, effectiveness, soundness and compliance of operation processes with financial institutions lT policies, procedures and related DAB laws and regulations

• Verifies that for every single transaction, changes, update, delete and other similar activities logs or trails are exists

• Examines database security to insure all security measurements and standards are in place

• Examines interfaces to insure that proper integration, technologies used, validations and accuracy of logic are in place in a proper manner

• Analyzes security risks which can be a threat to the CBS and Database and provide well-formed recommendation to prevent the event of a data compromise

• Follows up on audit findings to ensure that management has taken corrective action(s)

• Reviews previous internal and external audit reports to assesses its finding implementation and recommendation;

• Reviews all CBS and Database personnel CVs or interview them to clarify whether the available personnel are qualified or not

• Prepares examination finding memoranda and working papers to ensure that adequate documentation exists to support the completed examination and conclusions

• Prepares and presents written and oral reports another technical information in a pertinent, concise, and accurate manner for distribution to management

• Performing other related work or special studies as may be required according to DAB laws and regulations

Position requirements:

Background and qualifications:

• Bachelor Degree in information Technology, Computer Science or related field.

• Post-grade courses in lT Audit.

Work experience: 2 years of experience in lT for banks or financial institutions.

Specific skills and abilities:

• A good command of English with good drafting ability.

• Oracle Flex cube, Oracle DBA and Development, Oracle DB-Web logic, RDBMS,MS SQL Server DBA and other database related courses and certifications would be an asset.

• knowledge of current technological developments/trends in area of expertise.

• Knowledge of examination concepts and principles.

• Ability to evaluate and review a range of mainframe, PC, and distributed production and applications computer systems.

• Ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports.

• Having good knowledge of information security.

صفات و ارزش های شخصی: صادق، دارای برخورد نیک، مبتکر، با دسپلین، پابند به وظیفه، علاقه مند به کار گروپی، مسئولیت پذیر و مسلکی.

آگاهی: علاقه مندان میتوانند یک نقل خلص سوانح (CV ) خویش را همراه یک ورق درخواست با ذکر پست فعلی و انتخابی و ایمیل آدرس فعال قبل از تاریخ 1 میزان 1399 به ایمیل آدرس بفرستند. 

نکات مهم:

- جهت امتحان صرف با کاندیدان منتخب تماس گرفته میشود.

- تاریخ امتحان بعداً به اطلاع رسانیده میشود.

- کاندیدان مکلف اند که دیپلوم فراغت یا سند تائیدی از جانب مرجع ذیصلاح (وزارت) را نیزارسال نمایند، در غیر آن شارت لیست نخواهند گردید.

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