Job Title:IT and Systems Examination Deputy Manager

Wed, Sep 16 2020 1:54 PM
lT and Systems Examination Deputy Manager

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پُست   (lT and Systems Examination Deputy Manager;)آمریت عمومی نظارت از بانکها به رقابت آزاد  سپرده می شود.

عنوان پُست:     lT and Systems Examination Deputy Manager;

گرید :        نهم

نوع استخدام :  دایمی

تعداد بست های خالی : 1

موقعیت : کابل

وظایف و مسئولیت ها :


Lead and conduct day-today supervision ," Examination team

Provide guidance in identifying supervisory actions to be taken and in daily contact with the Supervised banks

Actively contribute to all phases of the respective missions from the preparation to the drafting of examination report

Contribute to horizontal analysis of data or reports, to the development of case studies another training material, as well as to the improvement of methodologies and internal procedures

Prepare presentations on topics to be discussed in meetings with seniors

Assesses the financial institutions security standards, network structure, risk measurement and management as well as their stability position of technologies according to their function

Contribute to the development of supervisory methods and procedures for cooperation and information sharing

Lead audit 'topics' of the examination teams and coordinate examination process

Lead the section in the absence of section manager

Management of performance of examination engagement and training of examination team members

Preparation and review of necessary documentation for the audit work performed; and

Performs other related work which will be assigned by respective section manager and top management or special studies as may be required according to DAB laws and regulations.

Position requirements:

Background and qualifications: Bachelor of Software Engineering/ Computer Application, Computer Science or other related field; and Master's degree is preferred.

Work experience: At least 2 years of experience in lT audit field or information System audit of financial institutions.

Specific skills and abilities:

Strong analytical capabilities, ability to think] strategically and good judgment.

Ability to follow direction.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing, orally and organize small teams of examiners.

Strong negotiating skills.

Ability to work under pressure and deliver high quality work under very tight timelines.

Ability to communicate clearly and present complex subjects simply, both orally and in writing, including to the members of the team.

Good command of English.

صفات و ارزش های شخصی: صادق، دارای برخورد نیک، مبتکر، با دسپلین، پابند به وظیفه، علاقه مند به کار گروپی، مسئولیت پذیر و مسلکی.

آگاهی: علاقه مندان میتوانند یک نقل خلص سوانح (CV ) خویش را همراه یک ورق درخواست با ذکر پست فعلی و انتخابی و ایمیل آدرس فعال قبل از تاریخ 1 میزان 1399 به ایمیل آدرس بفرستند. 

نکات مهم:

-  جهت امتحان صرف با کاندیدان منتخب تماس گرفته میشود.

-  تاریخ امتحان بعداً به اطلاع رسانیده میشود.

-  کاندیدان مکلف اند که دیپلوم فراغت یا سند تائیدی از جانب مرجع ذیصلاح (وزارت) را نیزارسال نمایند، در غیر آن شارت لیست نخواهند گردید.

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