DAB’s Extraordinary Achievements are the Result of Hard-Works of Bank Employees

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DAB’s Extraordinary Achievements are the Result of Hard-Works of Bank Employees

Kabul, June 17 - In a meeting held in DAB’s conference hall attended by department directors and deputy directors, Da Afghanistan Bank’s Governor H.E. Khalil Sediq spoke about banking sector’s achievements.

Praising consistent efforts of DAB employees, Mr. Khalil Sediq said that hiring educated youth in various posts has generated positive changes in the banking sector and has help the bank maintain its independency which, as a good partner for many, has led its banking duties in bona fide. He added that he has strongly combated corruption in his tenure and has entrenched a system which will continue to operate even under a new prospective DAB governor. He said that DAB as country’s central bank now enjoys higher national and international status than ever before.

H.E. Khalil Sediq has also stated regarding his resignation from DAB and said that the reason behind his resignation is only his health issue. Mr. Sediq thanked H.E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for his confidence over conferring the central bank governor’s role to him. He also expressed his gratitude to all central bank employees who rendered extensive assistance and cooperation over four years of his tenure as central bank governor and wished them to keep their cooperation steady with anyone holding DAB’s leadership in the future.

Lauding Mr. Sediq’s valuable efforts, Second Deputy Governor Mr. Mohammad Qasim Rahimi called the last four year’s achievements the result of his endeavors and sound management. He said that great commitment from bank employees has enabled us to ensure you about the viability and retention of DAB performances at its best and further coordination among external institutions.

Later on, FID director Mir Ahmed Shekib spoke on behalf of directors and employees about banking sector’s gains over the last four years and said that over this period of time the second Strategic Plan (fiscal year 1396-1399) has been formulated. Moreover, he pointed to Afghanistan’s exit from Task Force’s grey list and formulation and review of various laws and regulations. He termed the first-ever installation and operation of RTGS, initial assessment of money-laundering risks, creation of Islamic banking, investment on employee capacity-building and enactment of new banking law among banking sector’s achievements.

Further achievements include the conclusion of amendment bill of DAB Law, augment of national reserves from billion 6.8$ to billion 7.7$, meeting DAB’s commitments towards IMF, supporting new financial, salary and supervision programs. Besides the first studies on economic growth and establishment of financial inclusion department, a national strategy has been devised which was followed by first financial inclusion database and then consumer protection regulation.

At last, Mr. Shekib called the “banking without agency” model as well as progresses made in human resources, public credits and private sectors among preceding four year’s achievements.

It is important to note that Mr. Sediq will work as Governor until July 16 this year.

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