Conference Held on Supporting Afghani against Foreign Currencies

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دوشنبه ۱۳۹۸/۴/۱۷ - ۱۲:۳۱
Conference Held on Supporting Afghani against Foreign Currencies

A conference was held on Sunday July 30 in Kabul by Afghanistan Industrial Association’s Papoosh Committee to announce support of Afghani against foreign currencies.

The conference began with the welcoming speech of Papoosh Committee’s Head Mr. Haji Zarif Gul Zadran, followed by Afghanistan Industrial Association’s Director Mr. Sakhi Ahmed Paiman who spoke about the importance of Afghani, its value against other currencies as well as challenges facing national industries.

Afterwards, deputy directors of Afghanistan’s Industrial Association Mr. Haji Abdul Jabar Safi and Mr. Haji Abdul Samad Khan Saidi and executive director of Association Mr. M. Karim Azimi gave their speeches on Papoosh sector’s challenges, problems and capacity and expressed their words about supporting Afghani towards foreign currencies and shared their views with participants.

Director of DAB’s Monetary Policy Department Mr. Naib Khan Jamal thanked and praised all industrialists on behalf of Da Afghanistan Bank, especially Afghanistan Industrial Association’s Papoosh Committee for holding this conference of supporting Afghani against foreign currencies and announced the bank’s strong cooperation towards any such conference promoting and supporting Afghani.

He added that Da Afghanistan Bank has undertaken many campaigns and awareness drives across capital Kabul and provinces using different means of communication and information-sharing to institutionalize the use of Afghani and strives to convince people to support this national drive.

Amid the conference, director of Afghanistan’s Chambers of Industry and Mine Mr. Sherbaz Kaminzada stated his support of this conference and committed to not spare any effort towards resolving problems of this production class. In the meantime, deputy director of Afghanistan’s Chambers of Commerce Mr. Haji Baaz Mohammad Afsarzai voiced his support over Footwear Committee’s organizing of this event.

In the final place, a representative of eastern zone’s shopkeepers Mr. Hazrat Khan delivered his statement and expressed his decisive support of Afghani. Moreover, head of Kabul’s Shoes Union Mr. Jami and a representative of civil society Mr. Reshtya also welcomed the conference in support of Afghani.

A resolution was read out by Mr. Eng. Dost Mohammad at the end of conference and appreciation letters were handed by Fasl-e Naween institution to director general of Afghanistan Industrial Association, Committee’s officials and representatives of eastern zone’s shopkeepers. 

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د افغانستان بانک 30 میلیونه امریکايي ډالره لیلاموي

کابل، 1398 کال د وږی 28ـ د افغانستان بانک غواړي چې د 1398 کال د وږی میاشتې په 30 نېټه د شنبی په ورځ د داوطلبۍ په ترڅ کې شاوخوا 30 میلیونه امریکايي ډالره د یوې ازادې او رڼې پروسې له لارې. . .

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په بامیانو ولایت کې د "منقولو مالونو د رهن د تسهیلولو څرنګوالي" روزنیز ورکشاپ جوړ شو

مالي وجوه ته د لاسرسۍ د تسهیلولو په موخه د افغانستان بانک د روان کال د وږي میاشتې په ۲۴ نیټه باندې په بامیانو ولایت کې د سوداګریزو بانکونو او د کوچنیو مالي ادارو استازو او صنعت کارانو. . .

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