Job Title: IT Research and Development Assistant

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Job Title: IT Research and Development Assistant

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Organization:  Afghanistan Payments Systems (APS)

Reporting line: IT Research and Development Specialist

Job Location: Kabul

Salary: As per NTA Salary Scale, Grade F

Contract Duration: One year extendable

About Afghanistan Payments Systems (APS)

Afghanistan Payments System (APS) is the National e-Payment Switch of Afghanistan which is operating under the umbrella of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB). APS is on a mission to delivering a shared interoperable retail e-Payment infrastructure with low cost and multichannel switch in the country. APS helps with developing the retail payment in the local market to ensure efficient, cost effective, robust and ubiquitous e-Payment Solutions through innovative e-Payment Services, Domestic Card Scheme and interoperability to all related government/private institutions including the state-owned banks, private/commercial banks, microfinance institutions, mobile money institutions and PSPs’ in Afghanistan.

Job Summary

The Information Technology (IT) Research and Development Assistant will undertake an important role in researching, developing and implementing new technological systems to meet APS’s evolving organizational strategic needs. Working in this role, the IT Research and Development Assistant will be responsible for evaluating the functionality of existing systems relative to APS strategic goals and subsequently making well-informed recommendations to undertake modifications or introduce new technology as required. He/she should have good knowledge of banking application softwares and responsible for research and development of new modules in keeping the front-end section up & running. The typical duties of an R&D Assistant include helping to assess a company's functional level needs, assisting R&D Specialist, performing troubleshooting and evaluating application performance. In addition, he will work under the direct supervision of the IT Research and Development Specialist.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Providing regular support to the Research and Development Specialist in researching, developing and implementing new technologies to meet organizational strategic needs.

• Development of new adapters and modules in Java related Web Services and Technologies

• Research and Recommendations - Review and evaluate new technologies as they emerge and recommend any desirable hardware and software upgrades for the business.

• Developing privacy and data security policies and procedures to support new systems within the APSdata security measures procedures.

• Assist in the creation of the system design and functional specifications for all new development projects.

• Work closely with APS and its member banks to identify organizational business needs and the costs and benefits of implementing computing solutions to address those needs.

• Designing and developing new software applications to facilitate accessibility to and dissemination of key data.

• Evaluating the functionality of existing systems and making modifications to improve efficiency.

• Scaling organizational database technology to meet evolving strategic needs and increasing data demands.

• Researching and evaluating new technologies to determine feasibility of implementation and making recommendations based on those evaluations.

• Conducting pilot testing of new technologies to ensure optimum functionality.

• Responsible for the secure and effective operation of the technological systems implemented to meet strategic goals.

• Integrating existing software products and getting incompatible platforms to work together.

• Developing maintenance procedures, technical specifications and test plans for new modules of software’s.

• Preparing operational and training documentation to support newly implemented systems.

• Maintaining communications with contractors where required.

• Assisting regions in the implementation and use of new technical systems.

• Keeping up-to-date with new technology.

• Assist in the follow up of action items following meetings and planning sessions.

• Assist in the preparation of briefing notes and meetings as required.

• Assist in the coordination, preparation and delivery of workshops and training sessions

• Working closely with other key staff as a member of the APS Team and attend regularly scheduled staff and project team meetings.

• Fraud detection and avoidance

• Existing application Front End EMV (ATM, POS) evaluation, control and monitoring.

• Risk analysis of current infrastructure and applications.

• Overall knowledge of Database, Networking, Systems, Security, etc.

• Other duties as assigned by direct supervisor.

Education and Work Experience:

The IT Research and Development Assistantshould have at least aBachelor Degree in the field of computer science ora related field, with a minimum of 2 years experience working in R&D capacity.

Experience working with Financial Organizations and government processes is a definite asset. Efficient time-managementskills with Project Management experience are a must. The candidate must also possess effective communication,presentation, and interpersonal skills.


• Good interpersonal and communication skills.

• Good Practical experience in using Java Technologies

• Meet project deadlines

• Work under pressure and performing, completing tasks on time

• Good team work skills, capability of providing on time reports to supervisor


• Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, or relevant degree, Master degree is preferred. However, students in final year of their bachelor degree can also be considered in exceptional cases.

• Comprehensive experience in research.

• Comprehensive conceptual & technical knowledge of Database, Networking, Systems, Security, etc.

• Have good experience and knowledge of Java (J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JSF and Spring Framework)

• Primary knowledge of Enterprise Integration Patterns

• Basic knowledge of Java Message Service API

• Primary knowledge of message-oriented middleware (Apache ActiveMQ)

• Primary knowledge of Apache Camel

• Knowledge of General Banking, Financial Services, payment gateways, banking laws and regulations will be preferred.

• Primary knowledge on ISO 8583 & 20022

• Comprehensive knowledge on Unix based OS, Oracle, and Java Application Server preferably Web Logic

• Primary Knowledge on ATM & POS technology

• At least 1 year experience in IT/ Applications, Interfaces, functional related works is definitely a positive point.

All interested and qualified candidates can submit their application along with their comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) certified copies of degree /diploma and related certificates and email it

Note: Only short listed candidates will be called for exam.