Zones Liaison Directorate General


Within the series of improving banking system and to integrate the affairs of the country's financial system, DAB has equipped its provincial offices with the internationally accepted standardsand established seven zones in order to maintain further better coordination.Similar to other DAB general directorates and sections, general directorates of seven zones have been established within the organizational structure of the bank in 1384 in order to perform and provide banking services. Each zone has branches and service counters in certain areas. Recently, Zone Liaison Directorate General has been created to coordinate and address zones and provincial offices’ affairs in a timely manner. The directorate, as a bridge between directorates of seven zones, is in contact with DAB seven zones and provincial and bordered branches, pursuing the process of performing daily activities, needs, human resources, requisitions, letters and other admin affairs.


Providing work facilities to general directorates of seven zones and performing daily affairs in less time with more achievements.


To perform daily activities and assigned duties of the branches and general directorates of seven zones properly and quickly as a single working place.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Prepare weekly, monthly and annual action plan for the zone liaison directorate general, report from the relevant sections, coordinate between the seven zones and its related branches, follow up of all the letters and requisitions of the zones from the offices of main branch and ensure the performance of it to the relevant zones, implement the instructions and approvals of the executive board in the scope of work, receive all letters from main office to zones and related branches and from zones and related branches to the main office through email, establish work facilities to DAB zones, report the performance of the zones to the governor’s office, visit to directorates generals of the zones and their performances, assess the work affairs of the zones directors and deputy directors, approval of performance appraisals forms and send them to the Human Resources for further actions, approval of the leave forms of the zones directors  given the procedure of human resources department, provide capacity building training to staff as per the law, participate in meetings and other official programs of the main office departments, comply procedures and instructions of the relevant authorities in provincial branches of the seven zones, cooperate with other offices of the main branch especially with human resources department in terms of discipline, performance appraisal of staff, communicate plans and requisitions with regard to addressing problems, perform daily affairs of the zones and its related branches in a good manner and perform other duties and responsibilities assigned by the supreme authority.

Organization and Duties:

With the purpose of coordination between DAB seven zones, Zones Liaison Directorate General established in 1400 in order to provide further facilities to provincial branches.

This directorate general has one deputy directorate (deputy directorate of zone liaison) in the organizational structure and its related sections thereunder.

1.         Zone Liaison Section Manager

2.         Senior Admin Officer

3.         Senior Admin Assistant