Inauguration of the Civil Servants Salary Payment via Mobile Program in Presence of the President

Thu, Aug 05 2021 2:47 PM
Inauguration of the Civil Servants Salary Payment via Mobile Program in Presence of the President

August 2, 2021- Civil servant Salary Payment through mobile phone was inaugurated in Presidential Palace today in the presence of His Excellency, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

At the outset, Mr. Ajmal Ahmady, the acting Governor of DAB said that this important program was aimed at transferring money through simple mobile phones without access to the internet and henceforth all civil and military staff can check their accounts with simple mobile phones and transfer their salaries to the their families.

After the technical team of DAB practically executed the mentioned program in the presence of the President, he thanked the authorities of the bank and said that this program is an important improvement and a historical step.

Mr. President said that this program plays an important role in preventing corruption and establishing transparency and added that henceforth the personnel of security and defense forces can easily send their salaries to their families. Further, he said that this program and experience was successful in Africa.

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