Notification of Da Afghanistan Bank Pertaining to the Banking Sector

Wed, Dec 08 2021 9:51 AM
Notification of Da Afghanistan Bank Pertaining to the Banking Sector

As the esteemed compatriots are aware, all commercial banks are actively providing banking services, and lately the payment of cash to individual customers has increased due to improvement in liquidity. In addition, as DAB deemed necessary, companies have been facilitated in relation to their corporate accounts to meet the monetary needs thereof.

In recent days, false rumors have been promoted on social media to harm the reputation of the banking sector.

Hereby, all banking customers and esteemed compatriots are assured that the banking sector is practically active and at the service of people. In addition, the deposits of the people in the banks are safe and protected. Da Afghanistan Bank regularly supervises the activities and performances of commercial banks and is working hard in regard to the growth of the banking sector.

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