Acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank to speeches Geneva Conference

Wed, Nov 25 2020 12:07 PM
Acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank to speeches Geneva Conference

Afghanistan 2020 Conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland between 23-24 Nov. The conference, aimed at renewing commitment of Afghan Government and International Community towards the joint development goals for 2021-2024, coordination for development cooperation and ensuring financial support for Afghan government, was led by the governments of Afghanistan, Finland and United Nation.

The Acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank Mr. Ajmal Ahmady was connected to conference via video call on the first day (23 November) of the event and announced its commitment to building a robust financial sector aligned with best international standards that may be well accountable to the contemporary requirements in manufacturing, services and investment sectors.

He added that Da Afghanistan Bank is committed to maintain the soundness and stability of financial and banking sector taking account of desirable regulatory and supervisory criteria and make every effort to increase access to finance.

The Acting Governor called the “digitization of payments” a suitable option for the time being in Afghanistan in the fight against corruption and further transparency in economic transactions and vowed to provide required facilities for the merchants and investors.

It is worth mentioning that besides the international organizations, the conference was attended by ministry-level officials from over 70 countries, most of which voiced financial support for Afghanistan.

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