Supreme Council

Supreme Council of DAB is known as highest decision-making and policy-making body of Da Afghanistan Bank. Members of Supreme Council are responsible to develop overall policies of DAB and supervise administration and its operations. Supreme Council of DAB is composed of seven members and the term for each member is five years. Supreme council of Da Afghanistan Bank sets a meeting once each three months or more frequently when needed. Their assignment is made through presidential decree

Members of the Supreme Council:



Dr. Shah Mohammad Mehrabi, Member 

On 13 Aqrab, the DAB Governor proposed and Presidential Decree No. 1904 on 28/9/1394 reappointed Shah Mohammad Mehrabi to the Supreme Council of the Da Afghanistan Bank. Dr. Mehrabi was initially appointed to this position in 2003 and has since been reappointed based on his extensive work experience and expertise. Currently, Dr. Mehrabi serves as the Chair of the Audit Committee for the Da Afghanistan Bank. Dr. Mehrabi's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the Polytechnic University in California, a Master's degree from the University of Cincinnati, and a Doctorate in Economics and Education from the same institution. He has also served as a Senior Economic Advisor to two former Ministers of Finance, taught economics at several universities and colleges in the US, and was elected by his peers to serve as a president of Global Awareness Society International (GASI) and president of the Virginia Association of Economists. Furthermore, Dr. Mehrabi has achieved notable accomplishments such as serving as Co-editor of the Journal of the Global Awareness Society International, Associate Editor of the Journal of Economics. He has also been a member of the North American Economic and Finance Association (NAEFA) and served on the executive board of the Middle East Economic Association. Dr. Mehrabi has a vast amount of professional knowledge and proficiency in the fields of finance and banking, and he holds rich working and teaching experience. He has authored many scientific-professional articles about economics, finance, banking, and development, including titles such as "Financial Sector in Afghanistan," "Central Banking and Monetary Policy in Mexico," "Development Planning and Policy-Making in Iran," "Afghanistan Customs Five-Year Strategic Plan," "Recent Developments in the Middle East," "Sudan's Tax Structure and Agriculture," "Foreign Direct Investment in Puerto Rico," and "Economic Impact of OPEC."



Abdul Wakil Muntazer, Member 

Dr. Abdul Wakil Montazir has been appointed as member of DAB`s Supreme Council pursuant to proposal dated 31st March, 2018 by office of the governor and the presidential decree no. 422 dated 26 May, 2018. Mr. Abdul Wakil Montazir has obtained his bachelor's degree in Economics from Kabul University, and Masters degree in business administration from University of Koln Germany and PHD in Economics from Australia. Mr. Abdul Wakil Montazir started his professional career as an assistant professor in the faculty of economics in Kabul University and held the position until 1977. Between the years 1992-1995, besides working as assistant professor, he also served as the director of The Statistics Department and member of the faculty. He has also served as the director of the economics faculty of Kabul University, for a tenure of seven years from 1992 to 1998. From 1998 to 2004, Mr. Montazir served as an academic member of Nangarhar University, while at the same time he was board member of the Economic Faculty as well. He has also been working as head of BBA department and member of academic council for Nangarhar University in years between 2005 to 2015. Dr. Abdul Wakil Montazir holds professional and specialized qualifications in the fields of business and finance, and possesses more than 40 years of experience in teaching finance and management.



Muhammad Naim Azimi, Member

Mr. Muhammad Naim Azimi has been appointed as the member of DAB`s Supreme Council pursuant to proposal dated 31st March, 2018 by office of the governor and presidential decree no. 422 dated 26 May, 2018. Dr. Azimi holds bachelors and masters degree in Finance, while he has obtained his PHD in Econometrics from the Governmental University of Bondlakhand, India. In 2010, Dr. Azimi worked on a research paper under the title of “The Strategy of Reaching the international markets through using alternative cultivations” The paper has been awarded by Dr. Shakel Zaman Ansari the congress member and former prime minister of Bihar, India. Meanwhile, more than 28 of his academic researches are published in international journals of Canada, USA, England, and India. He has also published a number of his articles in domestic journals. Professor Dr. Azimi serves as one of the lecturers of the Statistics and Econometrics department of the Economics Faculty of Kabul University and he is a member of the Master's and Doctoral Higher Education Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education. Besides his lecturing responsibilities at the bachelors program of Kabul University, Dr. Azimi has also significantly contributed in teaching and guiding the masters programs of the mentioned faculty.