Trilateral Meeting of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan’s working group

Sun, Jan 17 2021 11:14 AM
Trilateral Meeting of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan’s Work Teams

January 16, 2021– A trilateral online meeting was held on economic cooperation between Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan’s working group wherewith a trilateral roadmap was signed.

The meeting was held following the trilateral agreement between the Presidents of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. The meeting reached a conclusion to create a committee and roadmap between the relevant countries for the purpose of managing and strengthening the economic relations. The working group to handle the activities of this MoU was determined earlier. It’s worth mentioning that this work team is led by Mr. Ajmal Ahmady, the acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank.

Mr. Ahmady added that the implementation of common strategic projects in the aforementioned areas will facilitate the import and export of goods, investments, clearance of business goods at the customs in an easy and rapid way, purchase of energy among the public and private sectors of the three countries and the development of economic projects through Lapis Lazuli Trade route which will further facilitate sound economic and business relations between Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan and accelerate the process of connecting the region.

Mr. Ahmady appreciated the good intentions of the friendly countries Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan and extended his gratitude. He promised the aforementioned countries that as one of the important strategic partners of the region, Afghanistan will continuously provide its cooperation in this regard and will spare no effort in relation to the implementation and furtherance of huge economic projects that will lead to the welfare, prosperity, progress and development of the region.

He also expressed his pleasure at the implementation of such projects which can lead to a positive change in the lives of the people of Afghanistan and countries of the region adding that by implementing such projects Afghanistan will prove its strategic position as the crossroads for connecting Central Asia with South, East and West Asia.

It’s worth mentioning that future meetings of the Afghanistan work team shall be held monthly and meetings between the working groups of the member countries shall be held on quarterly basis to review the achievement of goals and the implementation of agreed-upon projects.

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