Talks on Monetary Policies by the participation of a Number of Reputed University Lecturers at DAB’s Initiative

Wed, Jun 15 2022 2:14 PM
Talks on Monetary Policies by the participation of a Number of Reputed University Lecturers at DAB’s Initiative

June 14, 2022, Kabul – Keeping in view the principle of strengthening and maintaining relationships with the academic community, Da Afghanistan Bank arranged a talk between a number of lecturers from the fields of economics, banking and finance to exchange their useful views on design and implementation of monetary policy.

The aim of this program was to have the viewpoint of lecturers and the educated elite of the field of economics pertaining to the strengthening of creditability of policies, and designing useful and effective programs through discussions and exchange of views, keeping in consideration the current situations.

Mr. Haji Idrees, the acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank said in his opening talks that there exists a strong coordination between the central bank and educational institutions which this bank deems very important especially when the academic view of the university elites have positive impacts on the designing of programs and monetary policies. To this end, considering the current situations, Da Afghanistan Bank decided to arrange a talk about designing, implementing and executing monetary policies.

Thereafter, the Deputy Director of the Monetary Policy department, Mr. Abdullah Masood delivered a detailed presentation on designing, implementing and executing monetary policies and requested the useful views of the participants of this meeting.

Subsequently, open discussions and sharing of views started. At the outset of the discussion, Senior Economic Advisor of Da Afghanistan Bank, Mr. Lutful Haq Noor Pasarlay, while appreciating the views of the lecturers, said that Da Afghanistan Bank ensures everyone that their constructive and effective views pertaining to the design and implementation of monetary policies will be welcomed and utilized by the bank.

Mr. Pasarlay added that it’s very fortunate that today we witness professional and competent cadres from our compatriots who understand the plight of people and together we will find a solution to their problems through our insights and efforts.

Subsequently, Director General  Monetary Policy Department, Mr. Ahmad Jawad Sadad talked about monetary policy tools, monetary policy framework and types of foreign exchange regimes. After that, Director General Market Operations Department, Mr. Abbas Sameh provided insight on foreign exchange reserves and foreign exchange auctions, bonds and issuing of the letters of credit.

During this gathering, each one of the respected lecturers who were invited to the meeting, shared their views with the authorities of DAB and praised the successful efforts of Da Afghanistan Bank to control inflation and stability of the Afghani exchange rate against other currencies considering the current situations.

It’s worth-mentioning that in addition to the acting Governor of DAB, Mr. Haji Idrees, the following personalities had also participated in the meeting: Director General of the Governor’s Office Department, Mr. Siddiqullah Khalid, Senior Economic Advisor of DAB, Mr. Lutful Haq Noor Pasarlay, Director General of Monetary Policy Department, Director General of Market Operations Department, Kubul Unversity lecturers Mr. Ajmal Aryan and Humayun Ghafoori, Kardan University lecturers Mr. Sayedajan Ahmadzai and Jawhar Masoodi, Kateb University lecturer Mr. Hasan Rohani, Bakhtar University lecturers Mr. Obaidullah Zarifi and Ifikharullah Ghani, Rana University lecturer Mr. Siddiq Sadiq, Ghalib University lecturers Mr. Naseer Ahmad Nadeem and Mr. Imam Ali Sadid, and Tabish University lecturer Mr. Tabish.

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