General Services Department

The general services department is a service provider and supporter which provides timely and standardized as like (good working environment, furniture, electricity, transport, cash transfer, traveling tickets, healthy food, real estate, maintaining and clearance, building new constructions and repairing all related existing buildings and engineeringto all central and provincial Departments along with branches belongs to Da Afghanistan Bank.

To avoid obstacles, wasting time beside of this work effectively and efficiently.

General service department has two deputies operational and construction along with 220 other staff beside of this general admin and control sections which are directly reportable to director.

Operational Deputy:

This section is one main supporting framework of general services department which running all operational activities and contains different sections for different duties as like operational section, guard section and transport section.

  1. Operational section

Operational section is one of important section for General Services Department which provides services to all staff of bank like providing the tickets, food serving, traveling expenses, food expenses, pocket money, currency promotion digital bills and phones credit cards.

  1. Security Guards Section:

This Section is responsible to better organize the affairs of customers, save time, perform the reception related activities on time, create discipline and work facilities and provide services to customers who visit the head office and city branches of Da Afghanistan bank for their daily tasks.

  1. Transport section:

Transport section is providing transport facility for DAB official day to day affaire.

  1. General Admin

This section responsibilities is drafting documents, processing incoming and outgoing documents, letters inquiries, and application. answering emails as well as administrative jobs, including scheduling. Exchanging of information in hard or soft for between departments relevant to DAB.

Construction Deputy:

Construction deputy is responsible for all new construction and maintaining section of all buildings existing in center, branches and provinces beside of these two main tasks prepare budget for required departments in upcoming year and this deputy has 3 section are working

  1. Cleaning and maintenance:

This is the only section which is responsible for cleaning and maintaining of Da Afghanistan Bank.

  1. Real Estate Section:

The work process of the real estate department of the Deputy Construction of the General Services authority is as follows.

Settlements related to the rental of surplus revenues of the Da Afghanistan Bank in order to prevent the usurpation of assets and raise the level of revenue at the central and provincial levels.

Arranging matters related to the rental of repairs at the request of other authorities to advance banking services are include responsibility of this section.

  1. Engineering section:

Engineering section has two different parts.

  1. New construction.
  2. Repair of existing buildings.
  1. The engineering section conducting surveys, design (small projects), and implementation of construction and repair projects in the provincial branches.

Examine the documents of projects that are sent to Afghanistan.

Participate in the meeting for opening bids for renovation and construction projects and arrange the proposal of the executive board, and after completing the project work, arrange the proposal of the board.