Afghanistan Payments System Department

Afghanistan Payments System (APS) as the National e-Payment Switch of Afghanistan is operating as general directorate of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) from January 2021 and plays a leading role in developing and modernizing the retail banking market in Afghanistan through providing innovative electronic and mobile payment services that enhance the retail banking offering in the country.


“To proactively encourage e-Payment systems for ushering in a cashless society in Afghanistan and to ensure e-Payment system in the country are safe, efficient, interoperable, authorized, accessible, inclusive and compliant with international standards”.


“To deliver a shared interoperable retail e-Payment infrastructure, which provides a low cost, multi-channel switch for e-Payment processing & switching, merchant acquiring, card services and Mobile Financial Services for mutual benefits of all consortium members toward a cashless society”.

Key Objectives

To provide interoperability among Financial Institutions in Afghanistan, Establishment of a shared e-Payment infrastructure, To Promote domestic card scheme, To promote and penetrate e-Payment services, To provide international Card schemes.


Act as National Switch of Afghanistan, Act as commercial payment gateway, Act as bridge between the government and financial institutions as interpreter for e-payment Rules & Regulations, Act as a promoter of Domestic Card Scheme, Act as bridge between the financial institution and international card schemes

What We do

  1. Banks & Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)
  1. Domestic Card Scheme AfPay, Card Personalization, Merchant Driving & Monitoring, Access to International Payment Scheme, Transaction Authorization, Clearing & Settlement, Fraud & Dispute Management System, SMS & Mobile Banking, IVR Banking
  1. Public Services, Customs Tax Payment, Income Tax Payment, Breshna Electricity Bill PaymentOther Public Services Payment
  2. Electronic Money Institutions (EMI), Interoperability, Prepaid Cards
  3. Payment Institutions (PI), ATM Driving & Monitoring,  Prepaid Cards