Da Afghanistan Bank Controls Globally Stable Currency

Wed, Sep 27 2023 1:04 PM
Da Afghanistan Bank Controls Globally Stable Currency

Da Afghanistan Bank, with its excellent management and implementation of sound monetary policies, has been able to effectively preserve the value of the Afghani (AFN). Currently, the Afghani (AFN) is widely accepted as a stable currency globally, and the use of this currency in domestic commercial transactions has increased compared to previous years.

A recent report published by the Bloomberg highlights that the value of the Afghani has witnessed an increase of 14% in the past year, placing it on third position in the global list.

According to the Bloomberg report, factors contributing to the appreciation of The Afghani (AFN) include restrictions on using foreign currencies in commercial transactions, curbing dollar smuggling, implementation of various monetary policy tools by DAB, and imposing limitations on illegal online activities.

It is worth mentioning that several international organizations and institutions have previously praised the positive measures taken by DAB for preserving the value of the Afghani (AFN) against other currencies.

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