Da Afghanistan Bank Develops New Model “Banking without Agency”

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Sun, Jul 07 2019 8:13 AM
Da Afghanistan Bank Develops New Model “Banking without Agency”

Kabul, June 12 - Financial Inclusion Department with the collaboration of Financial Supervision and Payments Departments of DAB has developed a new model named “Banking without Agency”.

In a meeting held on how to use this model, FID Director Mr. Mir Ahmed Shekib explained the model and later allowed the participants to exchange opinion on the issue.

Representatives from commercial banks provided their feedback on the model and following a revision, its regulation is expected to conclude which will be submitted for Supreme Council’s approval and then put into practice. 

Based on this initiative, commercial banks may expand the domain of their banking services in the remotest areas through their agents without needing to set up branches/agencies.

Da Afghanistan Bank has always strived to provide further facilities and conveniences towards public access to financial services.

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