DAB Representatives Participated in SAARC Finance 43rd Meeting

Sat, May 06 2023 3:26 PM
DAB Representatives Participated in SAARC Finance 43rd Meeting

DAB representatives participated in 43rd Meeting of SAARC Finance held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 02- 03 April 2023.

A series of important parts of national economy, including financial inclusion, SAARC database, capacity building, economic researches between member states and other important and related issues were discussed in this meeting. As a result, it has been revealed that Afghani is one of the stable currencies among the SAARC member states, with the country having a stable inflation rate.

On the second day of the meeting, insights were provided on the impacts of climate changes on the member states, environmental protection initiatives, impact of climate change on the finance sector of SAARC member countries and subsequent actions against climate change in member states.

Also, member states, including Afghanistan provided information on the climate change and a number of experts spoke in this regard, with insights also provided on the climate change initiatives by the banks.  

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