Message of Mr. Alhaj Abdul Qahir, the Acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank

Wed, Sep 15 2021 10:11 AM
Message of Mr. Alhaj Abdul Qahir, the Acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank

In the Name of Allah

Message of Mr. Alhaj Abdul Qahir, the Acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank

Praise be to Allah and peace be upon the messenger of God.

Dear Countrymen,

Da Afghanistan Bank assures our countrymen that all commercial banks operating in the country are under serious supervision and are conducting their operations better than before. The banks are completely secure. All commercial banks in the region and the world usually keep 10% of their capital as cash and use the remainder in various commercial activities and provide useful services to their people.

Commercial banks in Afghanistan, on average, keep 50% of the Afghani and foreign currency with them. Therefore, the banking sector is in a good condition. These banks have invested a certain amount of money inside the country and abroad to play a useful role in the economic growth of the Afghanistan.

In view of the economic situation of the country, all banks, FXDs and companies including national merchants will soon adjust their operations in a normal and regular manner and will conduct their business affairs with complete surety. In the same manner, Da Afghanistan Bank assures the people that the banking sector is providing banking services to Afghans with unwavering commitment, transparency and new banking programs.

I would like to express my gratitude to the noble people of Afghanistan for their patience.


Alhaj Abdul Qahir (Mohammad Idrees)

Acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank

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