Press Release on the Irresponsible Comments of Mr. Abdullah Al Dardari UNDP Resident Representative in Afghanistan

Sat, Feb 05 2022 5:21 PM
Press Release on the Irresponsible Comments of Mr. Abdullah Al Dardari UNDP Resident Representative in Afghanistan

February 05, 2022 -- Da Afghanistan Bank strongly rejects the irresponsible comments of Mr. Abdallah Al Dardari the Resident Representative for United Nations Development Program in Afghanistan pertaining to the inability of DAB to convert USD 135 million of the said organization to the Afghani currency. The mentioned amount has not been referred to DAB till date. For further explanation, the following points are worth-mentioning upon which consensus has been reached between the UN office in Afghanistan and Da Afghanistan Bank for facilitating and accessing the humanitarian aid;

  • Exchanging foreign currency for Afghani: DAB is in contact with commercial banks in Afghanistan on a daily basis, exchanging their foreign currencies for Afghani using the banking system, and is ready to organize auctions for a better implementation of its monetary policy.
  • Transfer of money through the ACSS: Afghanistan clearance and settlement system is active and money transfers to 34 provinces are conducted without any difficulty. Similarly, the aforesaid system is ready to send humanitarian aid to 34 provinces of the country.
  • Preventing the concentrated risk: Da Afghanistan Bank is ready to play its role in transferring the humanitarian aid funds to other banks of the country to prevent concentrated risk and has informed the UN office in regard thereto.

Da Afghanistan Bank has put continuous effort into implementing the above-mentioned points and arranged regular meetings with the UN office in Afghanistan.

It’s to mention that DAB has sufficient Afghani cash reserves and has responded positively to every demand in this regard, and there are no concerns noticed in regard to the Afghani liquidity so far in 34 provinces of the country. DAB has made mandatory the nationwide use of Afghani currency for the purpose thereof and is working to promote the use of Afghani in domestic transactions. This clearly shows that there’s no shortage of the national currency in the country.

In view of the foregoing, DAB submits its official objection to the UN office in Afghanistan based on the personal and incorrect comments of Mr. Abdullah Al Dardari who has twice expressed such views and requests that the issue be addressed. Meanwhile, we extend our gratitude and appreciation to all humanitarian organizations including various offices of the United Nations in Afghanistan who have provided assistance in these difficult times and helped in facilitating the humanitarian programs.

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