Street Exhibition in Objection to the Freezing of Afghanistan Foreign Reserves

Wed, Mar 30 2022 2:58 PM
Street Exhibition in Objection to the Freezing of Afghanistan Foreign Reserves

March 30, 2022 – Da Afghanistan Bank held a Street Photo Exhibition in the eastern part of the Zarnigar Park in front of the Kabul Serena Hotel to depict the life conditions of the people of Afghanistan and requested the United States of America to unfreeze the foreign reserves of the country.

In the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the second deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank, Mr. Abdul Qadeer Ahmad said that considering the responsibility of Da Afghanistan Bank to manage the foreign reserves of the country, DAB has tried through different means to play its role in regard to the unfreezing of these reserves which are the indisputable rights of Afghans. Even though technical discussions in this regard were promising, however, tangible results are still not achieved.

Mr. Ahmad added that through this initiative, Da Afghanistan Bank wants to communicate its commitment to the human rights organizations, national and international media, and donor countries that DAB believes in freedom of speech, social justice, and service to people, and requests the international community to stand with the suffering people of Afghanistan and assist them in this sensitive point of time.

It is to mention that a number of representatives of the domestic and foreign media, civil society activists, and a large number of citizens of the country participated in this exhibition and signed a banner that insisted on unfreezing of the foreign reserves of the country, thereby showing their support in regard to the unfreezing of the aforementioned reserves.

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