Banking Operations Directorate General

The Banking Operations Directorate General operates in the framework of Da Afghanistan Bank to provide banking services for the state, governmental and semi-governmental institutions and commercial banks. It has four deputy directorates carriyng out the following main duties.

Main Duties:

Main duties of this directorate general are to ensure monetary liquidity, mutual communication between the head office and branches of Da Afghanistan Bank (central and provincial), government agencies and commercial banks, open current accounts and issue checkbooks for current account holders. Also, domestic Afghani and foreign currency, and international transfers, conversion of Afghani remittances into foreign currencies and vice versa as well as to collect and incinerate old Afghani banknotes are the other duties of this directorate.


Banking Operations Directorate General has four deputies: general treasury deputy directorate, operations deputy directorate, banknote issuance and maintenance deputy directorate money, and admin and coordination deputy directorate. Each of the above deputy directorates functions differently.

General Treasury Deputy Directorate:

The primary duties of this deputy are to appoint and task inflow and outflow Afghani and foreign exchange dealers in relevant sections, distribute Afghani and foreign currencies to all governmental institutions, citizen charter national priority program, commercial banks, city branches, and provincial branches of Da Afghanistan Bank, take Afghani and foreign currencies from commercial banks, city branches, and excess amount of DAB branches and collect old Afghani banknotes.

Operations Deputy Directorate:

The primary duties of this deputy directorate are to open current accounts, issue checkbook for DAB employees, governmental institutions, citizen charter national priority program, Afghani, currency and international transfers, as well as converse orders of Afghani into currencies and vice versa as requested by the Ministry of Finance, commercial banks, other government agencies, and the citizen charter national priority program according to the banking operations procedure.

Also, this deputy directorate is responsible for transferring the government's collected revenues to the relevant accounts, and sending statements to the account holders.

Banknote Issuance and Maintenance Deputy Directorate:

This deputy directorate is responsible for ensuring the monetary liquidity of DAB branches (central and provincial), issuing new Afghani banknotes, managing incineration programs of old Afghani banknotes, and identifying suspicious banknotes provided by the relevant institutions.

This deputy directorate is also responsible for transferring physical money from the head office to the provinces and from the provinces back to the main branch.

Admin Deputy Directorate:

This section is responsible for the administrative and executive affairs of the Banking Operations Directorate General and to deal with the daily administrative tasks that are useful and effective in the implementation of other issues.

Solving problems between the Ministry of Finance, other governmental institutions, commercial banks, and Da Afghanistan Bank branches in the center and provinces is among other duties of this deputy directorate.