Information Technology Department


The one area of growing importance to a new administration is the use of information technology. Banks and their delivery of services to citizens have changed dramatically in recent years.  Most bank officials now realize that the ability to provide more timely, accurate, less costly and higher quality bank services depends to a great extent on information technology-related decisions.

Bank operations have been revolutionized over the past decade through the application of advanced computing and communications technologies. Citizens routinely interact with Banks today via the web – conducting transactions, communicating with officials and locating information.  And the public demand for more information and greater convenience in dealing with banks will continue to increase.


Enhanced service to employees through a customer-centric service model reflecting the Bank’s Customer Service;

Strategy with emphasis on E-Governance model;

Strong focus on supporting the DAB core business needs with an appropriate level of information & communication technology capability to support the region’s pace of growth;

Greater collaboration and cooperation within all the departments and with external member banks and jurisdiction;

Strategic investment in IT, aligned with the DAB strategic directions and visions;

Increased integration of IT applications to obtain optimal value of existing IT investments; and

More secure and responsible information management, in accordance with legislative requirements


The mission of Information Technology Services is to provide technology leadership, expertise and services in support of the banking sector, encompasses all forms of technology, and research and outreach goals of Da Afghanistan Bank. Through its knowledgeable and committed staff, IT will offer excellent service to its customers while ensuring an institutional perspective on technology solutions, information security and continuous improvement through technology. IT is committed to achieving its mission through:

Focusing on customers by understanding their needs and offering options that meet their needs and the needs of the Da Afghanistan Bank.

Providing leadership and awareness on the impacts, resource utilization, and feasibility of technology implementations.

Partnering with customers, peer institutions, industry groups and vendors to ensure the technological goals of the Da Afghanistan Bank are realized.

Providing services and solutions of the utmost quality, stability and reliability.

Collaborating with customers in securing Da Afghanistan Bank data through technological solutions and the utilization of industry best practices.

Responding in a thorough and timely manner to customer needs, changing technologies, and the challenges of compliance with law.

Fostering a positive work environment where staff are offered opportunities for continuous improvement and realize the reward and satisfaction that is inherent in meeting the challenge of providing outstanding customer service in support of the Da Afghanistan Bank’s goals.

Practicing responsible stewardship of Da Afghanistan Bank resources.


Information Technology Services is committed to its leadership role of fostering the Da Afghanistan Bank’s goals through being the partner of choice for technology advancement and innovation.


The General Directorate of Information Technology has two deputy directorates with the following  Sections.

Protection and Information Section, Network Infrastructure Section, Application Section, Software Development Section, Repairs Section, Database Section, Swift Section, Emails Administrator Section, System Administrator Section, CBS Users Administrator Section, Help Desk Section and CCTV Section.