Payments Department

Payments Department Objective

The main objective of Payments department is to establish, maintain and promote sound, safe and efficient payments system also control of contingency risks in line with international best practices and Payments services for Government sector, financial sector and for public revenue with concerning of Payments development and technological changes.

Organization Structure

The structure of department is composed 22 staff members, working in two separate divisions which are Operating division and policy, Research and Development division.

Operation Division

Operational Division Key Responsibilities:

  • Providing of national and international payments services
  • Clearing & settlement of inter-bank Transactions
  • Clearing of domestic Cheques
  • Providing payment system trainings for all member Banks staff
  • Contribute with payment system operatives, central banks, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and other institution for improvement of soundness and effectiveness of Payments system in the country.

Payments Policy, Research & development Division

The policy division is recently established within Organization structure of the Payments department that functions toward achievement of Da Afghanistan Bank goals in the payment context.

Policy & Development Division Key Responsibilities:

  • Creates & develops the functional procedures and regulations for the purpose of good performance and monitoring of payments system.
  • Promote work and operating environment and its policy, procedure and oversight or monitor of the payments system on continual basis.
  • Review the national & international related laws in relate of payments system and securities settlement and effective use of these laws for payments development in Afghanistan.
  • Direct assistance with oversight financial supervision team, to obtain the related reports & information for the improvement of payments system.
  • Assistance with World Bank and other institutions in relate of payments system modernization.