Governor's Office Directorate

Duties and Responsibilities

Governor's Office Directorate is a key department that plays an important role in implementing the key objectives and functions of Da Afghanistan Bank. The department transmits policies of the Central Bank through its relations with stakeholders and informs the market players of the latest economic events and forecasts on inflation rate, economic growth and financial sector stability.

This department is also responsible to keep and archive the related documents and organize the work relation of Da Afghanistan Bank.


Governor's Office Directorate has three deputies: Deputy Director Communications and Publications, Deputy Director Administration and Executive Section, and Deputy Director Coordination. Each one of them manages and leads his relevant section.

1. Deputy Director Communications and Publications

Deputy Director Communications and Publications is responsible to manage the overall publications and communications of Da Afghanistan Bank with its stakeholders, devise plans for the public relations of the Bank, present information and raise public awareness on laws, regulations, and overall policies of the Bank pertaining to price stability, establish a strong financial sector, maintain good relationships  with other institutions, make plans for raising public awareness on objectives, duties and fundamental values of Da Afghanistan Bank and write and review topics for communications and publications sections of Da Afghanistan Bank. It has to be noted that Publications, media Communications, Public Awareness and Translation Sections operate under the management of the Deputy Director Communications and Publications.

Media Communications Section

This section is responsible to monitor activities related to the communication function, maintain strong relations with bank’s stakeholders (government, parliament, media, public and private sectors, academic society…), publish news and information on Da Afghanistan Bank’s achievements, review and verify topics and contents of the internal and external websites of Da Afghanistan Bank, receiving public views and complaints especially those related to economic and trade affairs and vice versa; transmitting the policies, objectives, duties and main values of the Central Bank through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts of the bank.

Publications Section

The Publication section works as the only publishing body of the bank. This section reflects the performance, policies, goals, responsibilities and achievements of the Central Bank through various means such as monthly magazine, annual reports, picture booklets and other publications.

Public awareness:

This department conveys the bank's policies to a various segments of society by launching awareness and training programs, including educational workshops, seminars, advertisements and video messages.

Translation Section

This section translates necessary documents and data from English to official languages and vice versa, which also include documents for the Communications and Public Relations sections and other materials important for the key objectives and functions of Da Afghanistan Bank. In addition, the board has the responsibilities to translate transcripts and topics related to the Publications section, laws, regulations, policies, questionnaires and other necessary documents and letters related to other offices of the bank from English to official languages and vice versa, translates.

2. Deputy Director Administration and Executive Section

This section monitors the affairs related to documentation and archiving, facilitates the process of submitting documents to the bank’s various departments, records the approvals of the bank’s higher authorities, follows up all internal and external documents of the bank, monitors and verifies the registration and issuance of approvals by the executive board, and responds to official letters and inquiry letters of other entities.

This section also manages the Executive Office, Archive, Documentation, and the Reporting Sections.

Executive office:

This department is responsible for drafting and recording requisitions, official letters, inquiry letters and manages the outgoing and incoming correspondences of the bank, and informs in writing the relevant departments of the approvals of the executive board.


The archive section keeps and archives entire documents and correspondences of the bank with internal offices and external institutions which include official letters, monetary policy and financial sector reports and other necessary documents.


This section is responsible for recording and registering documents that are sent to Da Afghanistan Bank concerning various issues by external organizations and outgoing documents sent by Da Afghanistan Bank to various institutions after they are signed by the executive board of the bank and records them in incoming and outgoing registers.

Reporting section:

The section collects and consolidates the report of activities and achievements of Da Afghanistan Bank and share them with the Office of the President. It also collects plans of different departments of DAB share a summarized form thereof with the executive board. Other tasks include preparing and scanning reports after the instructions of leadership of the Bank, sending documents to the relevant departments and following up on the implementation of the executive boards approvals.

3. Deputy Director Coordination:

This section was created to coordinate the official tasks of the zones and solve the problems of zones and their provincial branches. It is in contact with the zones and provincial branches of Da Afghanistan Bank and acts as a link between them. This sections follows up all daily affairs, requirements, human resources, requests, and other administrative issues. It’s responsible for processing the visa and passport procedures of Da Afghanistan Bank employees and foreign employees of commercial banks.

Protocol and Zone Coordination sections operate under the Deputy Director of Coordination.

Protocol Section

This section undertakes to facilitate and obtain passport, visa and other protocol issues for the members of Supreme Council, executive board and other employees of Da Afghanistan Bank. The section works as a liaison of Da Afghanistan Bank with the office of Administrative Affairs of presidential palace.

Coordination Section

This section is responsible for collecting reports from the zones and their relevant departments, following up the zone proposals and re-assuring the work performance, implementing the recommendations and approvals of the central bank's executive board within the scope of its duties, receiving entire documents from the zones and their branches through the emails, creating work facilities for Da Afghanistan Bank’s zones and providing training programs for employees to improve their capacity.