Awareness Campaign On Development Of E-Payment Launched In Eastern Zone

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Sun, Jul 07 2019 8:21 AM
Awareness Campaign On Development Of E-Payment Launched In Eastern Zone

Following a series of DAB’s training and awareness-raising campaigns on e-payment development in Afghanistan, a training workshop was conducted on June 12 for a large number of traders, representatives from commercial banks, custom office and chambers of commerce of  Jalalabad.

In the beginning, Director of DAB’s Eastern Zone Ahmadzai Tawhidyar said that with facilities provided by development of e-payment, now traders can pay their taxes in each of commercial banks though which it will be easily settled to government revenues.

Later on, deputy director of DAB’s Banking Operation Department, Shafiqullah Shafaq, while delivering presentation about importance of payment system in financial sector, elaborated on objectives, advantages and outcomes of e-payment that has, as a result, facilitated and accelerated transactions and protected the lives and properties of traders.

Afterwards, Plan and Policy Development’s section manager, Payments Department, Farid Sekandari provided information on history and evolution of payment systems and stages of transactions in payment process and then representative of finance ministry Hamid Sultani gave details to participants about processing of custom affairs.

It is mentionable that a representative from Nangarhar provincial office Fazal Rabi Hamim lauded DAB’s continued efforts towards providing further grounds and facilities for traders in eastern zone and thanked for launching such lucrative events.

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