Message from the Acting Governor

Achieving a balanced, sustainable economy and self-sufficiency need a favorable environment like ensuring the stability of macroeconomic (price stability, sustainable development, development of economic infrastructures and protection of financial and banking system).

By focusing on domestic price stability which constitutes the primary objective of the central bank, Da Afghanistan Bank has developed and implemented its policies and performances in a manner that support and protect the vulnerable segment of society.

Ensuring the price stability pave the way for businesses and lead to further investments in Afghanistan that will in turn boost employments and improve livelihood at almost all levels of community.

Establishing a robust financial sector consistent with the best international standards that can help manufacturing, service and investment sectors is another key element of Da Afghanistan Bank’s mission. A consolidated financial system acts as intermediary that drives the surplus fund of individuals to those in need of financial resources for launching a small business to large-scale investments.

Da Afghanistan Bank is committed to preserve the soundness and stability of financial and banking sector in accordance with the best regulation and supervision standards and proper strategies and make efforts towards the financial inclusion.

Considering the rapid digitization of payments in the globe, Da Afghanistan Bank’s leadership focus great attention on digitization of payments in Afghanistan and as a result ensure transparency in economic transactions and provide merchants and investors with adequate conveniences.

Finally, I would like to say that all actions of Da Afghanistan Bank are taken on the basis of core values such as commitment to ensuring of public interests, providing proper services to clients, preserving ethical values and honesty, ensuring transparency in working affairs, strengthening of sound and effective leadership, promoting culture of teamwork, respecting the principle of justice and equalities and maintaining the confidentiality that require all employees of Da Afghanistan Bank to observe them.