Training Workshop Held for Kateb University’s Economics Students

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Sun, Jul 07 2019 8:10 AM
Training Workshop Held for Kateb University’s Economics Students

Kabul, June 12 – Da Afghanistan Bank organized a one-day workshop for Kateb University’s economics students on bank’s objectives, duties and overall policies.

In the beginning, acting dean of economics faculty of the university Mr. Ahmed Mohammadi welcomed delegation from Da Afghanistan Bank and spoke about this training program’s importance and role of Da Afghanistan Bank as country’s central bank towards public awareness and sharing of information regarding bank’s overall policies and called such events effective for student’s academic capacity-building.

Later on, deputy director of Governor’s Office Department Mr. Shafiqullah Barez said that Da Afghanistan Bank, besides executing its primary duties, has made constant efforts in communications, public awareness and information-sharing about the bank and financial sector’s performances.

He added that launching of such training programs on bank’s objectives, responsibilities and overall policies for economics, finance and banking students is part of Da Afghanistan Bank’s efforts towards strengthening of academic cooperation with universities that aims to raise students’ awareness about DAB’s performances.

Afterwards, deputy director of monetary policy Mr. Ahmed Jawad Sadad spoke in details about implementation of monetary policy, ensuring of domestic price stability, management of money supply given the country’s economic environment and exchange rate.

Then, deputy director of financial supervision Mr. Sayed Mohsin Sadat gave a presentation to participants on the process of supervision of banks and financial institutions and elaborated on bank ratings by capital adequacy, asset quality, management of profitability and liquidity.

At last, questions were answered and certificates were distributed to participants.

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