Accounting And Finance Directorate General

Duties and Objectives of Accounting and Finance Directorate General:

The Accounting and Finance Directorate General was established according to the paragraph 3 of Article 9 and Article 101 of the Da Afghanistan Bank Law. This directorate is responsible for preparing DAB financial reports, budgeting, paying the rights and privileges DAB employees, granting loans for employees, paying advance salaries and other payments, registering and controlling DAB’s fixed assets, controlling DAB’s financial transactions, managing transfer and maintaining inactive accounts, maintaining correspondent banks’ accounts and managing foreign exchange reserves of Da Afghanistan Bank.

Organizational Structure:

The Organizational structure of the Accounting and Finance Directorate General is made of Deputy Directorate of Accounting, Deputy Directorate of Reporting, Control and Budget,and Deputy Directorate of CBS. All of the deputies have separated sections, working within the structure of the said deputies.

(1) Deputy Directorate of Accounting:

Deputy Directorate of Accounting is responsible to execute all the accounting and financial transactions according to the accounting procedures and international financial reporting standards. All the accounting transactions of the Accounting and Finance Directorate General sections (including payroll, loans, payments and claims, reconciliations, stagnant accounts, and fixed assets) are executed by the Deputy Directorate of Accounting and then refer to the Deputy Directorate of Control, Reporting and Budget for evaluation and control. In addition to that, other duties of this deputy are to execute payroll transactions, incentives, loans, advance salary payments, reconciliations and stagnant accounts, fixed assets, advance payment of payable expenses and revenues, as well as to prepare the trial balance and closing balance.

Payroll Section:

The payroll section is responsible for executing the transactions of payroll, overtime, educational and professional allowances, and other payments related to the employees in accordance with the procedures applicable to DAB staff members.

Loans Section:

This section is responsible for executing miscellaneous loans, marriage loans, educational loans, housing and reconstruction loans persuant to the procedures applicable to the employees of the Central Bank.

Advance and Financial Payments Section:

This section is responsible for the execution of procurement transactions, construction contracts, cancellation of construction claims, transfer of daily expenses, execution of travel allowances, transfer of capital note tax, notes and overnight deposits to the MoF account, execution of food allowance, execution of payable transactions and its settlement, execution of advance payment expenses and their settlement, cash distribution account, weekly valuation of gold and historical transactions.

Fixed Assets Section:

This section is responsible for the acquisition/public ownership of DAB assets, DAB assets registration, valuation of donated software and equipment, management of the revaluation process of DAB assets, valuation on the increase and decrease of DAB assets, determination revaluation times, estimation of depreciation/amortization and other issues related to fixed assets of Da Afghanistan Bank.

 Transfer and Maintenance of Inactive Accounts Section:

This section is required to prepare reports on inactive accounts, transfer funds from inactive accounts, pay funds to customers, transfer funds to the Ministry of Finance, and open and transfer funds to inactive accounts of customers.

Reconciliation Section:

This section is required to carry out reconciliations on the accounts of correspondent banks of Da Afghanistan Bank, reconciliations of LC accounts, reconciliation on the investments accounts and other purchased securities, tracking unimplemented amounts, and prepare reconciliations report of correspondent banks.

Foreign Exchange Back Office Section:

This section is responsible for introducing and managing the authorized signatories of Da Afghanistan Bank, entering transactions of Da Afghanistan Bank's foreign exchange reserves into the banking system, confirmation of deposits and exchanging currencies of foreign banks, transferring funds for investments, making payments to foreign banks and buying and selling of foreign securities of Da Afghanistan Bank.

(2) Control, Reporting and Budget Deputy Directorate:

The Control, Reporting and Budget Deputy Directorate is required to prepare financial reports and control the financial and accounting operations of the Accounting and Finance Directorate General. This deputy as a member and team leader, in coordination with other sections of this directorate is responsible for preparing the annual financial report of Da Afghanistan Bank. It is worth mentioning that under the financial control section, reporting section and budget section is operating under the structure of this deputy directorate.

Budget Section:

Budgeting for the central bank is based on the financial year, which is categorized into revenue and normal expenses, and capital expenditure. This section works in close collaboration with other directorates for the interpretation, unification, coordination, and provision of facilities for budget preparation. At the same time, one of the duties of this section is to present different types of budget execution reports and submit them to competent and relevant authorities. The draft budget of Da Afghanistan Bank is presented to the budget committee after analysis and evaluation by this section, and is presented to the executive board of the bank for finalization after discussion and providing insights into it. Finally, after finalization of the draft budget, it is submitted to the Supreme Council of Da Afghanistan Bank for approval.

Financial Control Section:

This section, following the performance of other sections within the structure of the accounting and financial deputy; controls the steps of control through the review of documents, recalculation of accounting tables, implementation and ensuring the quantity and quality of the performance executed based on the approvals and orders, letters and inquiries, confirmations, financial receipts, accounting tables, invoices and bills, contract documents, quality tests, licenses, travel documents, and forms pursuant to the financial control procedure.

Financial Reporting Section:

This section is responsible for keeping and maintaining the charts of accounts and its implementation. In addition, this section is required to back up or maintain the security of data and financial information. It has to be mentioned that reporting on monthly and annual basis by Da Afghanistan Bank to the relevant authorities and preparing the trial balance statement, profit and loss statement, financial balance statement, cash flow statement, and stakeholders statement are among the primary duties of this section.

(3) CBS Deputy Directorate

CBS section of Da Afghanistan Bank is responsible to provide banking services and make accounting affairs fast, transparent, and reliable. as well as, provide its facilities for performing the work of employees. On the other hand, the primary objectives of this section are to provide services to the employees and customers of Da Afghanistan Bank through modules of the CBS system and other connected systems, work jointly and cooperation with all sections/directorates and with private banks, configure and update DAP applications and being accountable according to the requirements.