Monetary and Financial Sector

This sector is responsible for collecting , consolidating , analyzing and reporting monetary and financial data. This sector focuses in areas of Monetary and Financial Statistics (MFS), financial system, monetary authorities, Deposit Money Banks (DMBs), monetary survey, reserve money and its components, forecasting the monetary survey, Net International Reserve, Forecasting the MA balance sheet.

Monetary sector collects data on daily basis from treasury department (Cash report), market operation (exchange rate report) and makes daily indicator report including Currency in circulation(CiC), reserve money (RM) and its remaining components, net international reserve ( NIR ) and daily exchange rates of 9 foreign currencies against Afghani for daily decision making and auction process.

Net International Reserve (NIR)

Monetary and financial statistics (MFS) present the stock value in the accounts at the end of the accounting period valued at fair value. Monetary sector is responsible to collect the other deposit corporate (ODCs) as assets and liabilities checking, Interest rates of commercial banks, M1 and M2 from financial supervision and finance & accounting departments, which are the components of MFS. Besides, there are analysts preparing analytical reports for the different periods of the year. The reports are published in the economic publications of the central bank on quarterly and annual basis.