DAB Departmental Reporting on Agenda Implementation to Senior Management

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Sun, Jul 07 2019 8:06 AM
DAB Departmental Reporting on Agenda Implementation to Senior Management

Kabul, May 29 - In a meeting held in head office of Central Bank, the Senior Management heard reports from various departments on implementation of this year’s agenda and later exchanged on practices for better executions. 

In this meeting, Financial Sector Strengthening Project (FSSP) Department delivered a presentation to leadership on projects in process and new DAB projects and provided details on each one.

In the meantime, various DAB departmental directors briefed to Senior Management on their respective agendas in progress and those planned for future.

It has to be mentioned that first and second deputy Governor Mr. Wahedullah Nosher and Mr. M. Qasim Rahimi and a number of department directors were present in the event.  

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