DAB Risk Management and Compliance Committee holds a Meeting

Mr. Noor Ahmad Agha commenced his work as the acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank

DAB Supreme Council Holds its Meeting

Message of the acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank

I assure you once again that we continue our efforts aimed at maintaining the value of Afghani and domestic price stability by implementing appropriate monetary policies.

Similarly, we'll take effective steps to strengthen, improve and reform the banking sector...Read more


Message of the acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank

Exchange Rates

Last updated: 25 July 2024

Currency Cash (Sell) Cash (Buy) Transfer (Sell) Transfer (Buy)
USD$ 70.8467 70.6467 70.7967 70.6967
EURO€ 76.6156 76.0156 76.4456 76.1856
POUND£ 90.6320 89.8320 90.3820 90.0820
SWISS₣ 78.6668 78.1668 78.5168 78.3168
INDIAN Rs. 0.8183 0.8083 0.8153 0.8113
PAKISTAN Rs. 0.2549 0.2469 0.2519 0.2499
IRAN Toman 0.0015 0.0009 0.0014 0.0010
CNY¥ 10.2687 9.8687 10.1687 9.9687
UAE DIRHAM 19.2931 19.1931 19.2731 19.2131
SAUDI RIYAL 18.7500 18.6500 18.7300 18.6700

Inflation Rate

Last updated: 06 July 2024

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Mon, Jul 22 2024 3:55 PM
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Islamic Microfinance Conference Holds for Development of Small and Medium Size Businesses

July 22, 2024- Mr. Sidiqullah Khalid, the Director General of the Governor’s Office of DAB delivered a speech at the conference held under the title of 'Islamic Finance Week of. . .

Sat, Jul 20 2024 4:51 PM
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DAB Acting Governor, UNDP Head for Afghanistan Discuss Financial Services Development

July 20, 2024 – The acting governor of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), Noor Ahmad Agha, met with the resident representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for. . .

Wed, Jul 17 2024 9:39 AM
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DAB Acting Governor meets with UNAMA Head to Discuss Developing Financial Services

July 16, 2024 - The acting governor of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), Noor Ahmad Agha, met with the UNAMA head in Afghanistan, Roza Otunbayeva, and discussed the development of financial. . .

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DAB Shared its Six-Month Achievements of FY 1402 to the Public through Press Conference

DAB High Level Delegation Participates in 18th AAOIFI - IsDB Conference in Bahrain

DAB Held a workshop for Kardan University students

DAB’s Acting Governor visits Torkham to welcome citizens who have returned home

This is Afghanistan, A country free of war and insecurity; Home of hope and new dreams

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DAB Announcement

DAB Announcement

DAB Supreme Council Holds its Meeting