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Exchange Rates

Last updated: 11 August 2022

Currency Cash (Sell) Cash (Buy) Transfer (Sell) Transfer (Buy)
USD$ 90.0094 89.8094 89.9594 89.8594
EURO€ 91.9417 91.3417 91.7717 91.5117
POUND£ 107.4071 106.6071 107.1571 106.8571
SWISS₣ 90.9375 90.4375 90.7875 90.5875
INDIAN Rs. 1.0609 1.0509 1.0579 1.0539
PAKISTAN Rs. 0.4236 0.4156 0.4206 0.4186
IRAN Toman 0.0032 0.0026 0.0031 0.0027
CNY¥ 12.9450 12.5450 12.8450 12.6450
UAE DIRHAM 24.2714 24.1714 24.2514 24.1914
SAUDI RIYAL 23.5083 23.4083 23.4883 23.4283

Inflation Rate

Last updated: 13 July 2022

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Mon, Jul 25 2022 2:17 PM
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Da Afghanistan Bank held a Meeting with a number of Chinese businessmen

July  24, 2022- DAB held a meeting with the Chinese business delegation chaired by Senior Economic Adviser of Da Afghanistan Bank, Mr.  Lutfulhaq Noor Paserly.

In this meeting, insight. . .

Sat, Jul 23 2022 10:57 AM
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DAB’s Leadership Appreciates Competent, Professional and Experienced Staff

Recently, Da Afghanistan Bank promoted its competent staff who have higher education and extensive experience in this bank to key positions.

DAB’s leadership believes that promoting. . .

Wed, Jun 29 2022 12:12 PM
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DAB Appreciates the Recent Remarks of the US Special Representative for Afghanistan

US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, recently met a number of Afghan businesspersons in the United Arab Emirates and promised to resolve the challenges faced by the. . .

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DAB Announcement

DAB Announcement

A high-ranking delegation headed by the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which Da Afghanistan Bank was also a member met with representative of the United State of America and other donor countries in Doha, Qatar through different meeting

DAB Announcement

DAB Announcement

Talks on Monetary Policies by the participation of a Number of Reputed University Lecturers at DAB’s Initiative

Da Afghanistan Bank welcomes and appreciates the decision of the World Bank and the Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund

Thirty aid Package have been Reached to the country so far through a series of humanitarian aid, totaling eight hundred and eighty million and six hundred thousand US dollars.

Facilities for traders and investors in overseas transfers (TT)

Banks are the only safe and legal place to keep your money and savings

Banks are the only safe and legal place to keep your money and savings

DAB Announcement