ECO Trade and Development Bank Held 94th Meeting of Its Board of Directors

سه‌شنبه ۱۴۰۱/۳/۳۱ - ۱۱:۲۵
ECO Trade and Development Bank Held 94thMeeting of Its Board of Directors

June 20, 2022 - ECO Trade and Development Bank (ETDB) held 94th online meeting of its Board of Directors. The President and members of the ETDB Board of Directors from different countries attended this meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the members of the Board of Directors. In addition, the financial reports and the annual report of this bank were also approved.

Subsequently, the loan ceiling to a number of Pakistani financial institutions was revised and the reimbursement report of the ECO bank’s loans to a number of the infrastructure projects of the member country Iran was presented.

At the end, the approval and amendment of a number of regulations and policies of this bank were discussed as per the agenda and necessary decisions were made accordingly.

It’s worth-mentioning that this bank was established for the purpose of creating, promoting and providing financial and credit facilities aimed at regional business development and accelerating economic growth of the member countries under the ECO organization, with its headquarters located in Istanbul, Turkey. Afghanistan became a member country of this organization in 2014 and participates in its meetings on a regular basis.

Da Afghanistan Bank has been constantly trying to ensure and improve its relationships with international and regional financial institutions, and play an active role in creating better banking and financial facilities.

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