DAB Respects and Complies with the People’s Right to Access Information

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DAB Respects and Complies with the People’s Right to Access Information

Kabul, August 11, 2022 – In continuation of the program on government’s accountability to people, today the authorities of Da Afghanistan Bank shared the annual report on DAB’s performance and achievements with mass media and through them, with the people, at the Government Media and Information Center.

While providing insight into the main achievements of Da Afghanistan Bank, the acting Governor of DAB, Mr. Abdul Qahir (Haji Idrees) said; “it's a pleasure that today, availing this opportunity, we are presenting a report to the noble people of Afghanistan. DAB places extraordinary importance on reporting its performance and policy implementation, as effective monetary and financial policies implementation means supporting the purchase power of people and helping the most vulnerable group of society and people have the right to know about the performance of DAB in this regard.”

Mr. Haji Idrees also added that after the political transition in the country, Da Afghanistan Bank has spared no effort to preserve the activities of commercial banks, manage liquidity and payment of customers’ deposits, facilitate international transfers for supplying goods and essential basic services, and organize banking services for the compatriots, and has successfully preserved the banking sector and its stability.

Subsequently, while talking about the effective implementation of  monetary policies and the performance of the banking sector, DAB’s Senior Policy Advisor Mr. LutfulHaq Noor Paserly said that Da Afghanistan Bank has taken effective steps for managing regulatory affairs, addressing financial problems of customers, managing liquidity and the provision of banking services, preserving the activities of commercial banks, facilitating financial transactions of the FX dealers and money services providers, conducting technical discussions and negotiations, and playing its role in the issuance of general licenses by the United States Department of State for facilitating international transfers for supplying goods needed by people.

In regard to the price stability and the value of Afghani, Mr. Paserly added that Da Afghanistan Bank has prepared a comprehensive plan for promoting Afghani currency to support the exchange rate stability thereof against the foreign currencies, which is being implemented. He said that preventing the smuggling of dollar and hoarding of foreign currencies are other elements effective in preserving the value of Afghani and DAB has taken successful steps in this regard.

The Senior Policy Advisor also mentioned the financial and banking strategic plan which is considered for reviving the banking sector and normalizing the activities of banks and assured that together with the stockholders, Da Afghanistan Bank is trying to normalize the activities of banks and we hope that tangible results will be achieved soon.

After that, Director General of Market Operations, Mr. Abbas Sameh said that in spite of current challenges, during the previous year the Afghani exchange rate had relatively better stability against foreign currencies compared with many countries of the region.

While referring to the foreign reserves of the country, Mr. Sameh said that technical discussions have taken place with different foreign partners about the unfreezing of foreign reserves and a comprehensive plan has been shared with them in this regard.

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