Subject: Trilateral MOU signed between DAB, Afghan Post, and Afghan Banking Association to provide banking services through branchless banking

دوشنبه ۱۳۹۹/۶/۱۷ - ۲۰:۴۸


September 7, 2020

Today a trilateral MOU was signed between DAB, Afghan Post, and Afghanistan Banking Association. The main purpose of this MOU is to facilitate access to the banking services through branchless banking.

One of the principles of the DAB new acting governor Mr. AjmalAhmady is to increase financial inclusion through expanding banking services and digital payments in Afghanistan. The signing of this MOU makes us one step closer to this goal. Based on this MoU, banks would be able to provide banking services in areas where they do not have branches, by using the Afghan Posts branches as bank’s agents.

Afghan Post is a state-owned enterprise that is providing universal postal services through more than 450 branches throughout the country. Afghan Post will provide these services in light of the banking rules and regulations.

This MOU will have an immediate and large benefit for Afghanistan. Some benefits of this approach include:

  • An immediate way to have a bank branch in every part of Afghanistan
  • The ability to pay teachers in their home province instead of forcing them to travel to the capital of each province
  • An immediate way to provide loans throughout the country

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یکشنبه ۱۴۰۳/۲/۳۰ - ۱۴:۱۷
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د افغانستان بانک سرپرست رئیس د ملګرو ملتونو د سر منشي له مرستیالې سره ولیدل

۱۴۴۵ ذوالقعدة الحرام ۱۰– د افغانستان بانک د ټولو سرپرست رئیس ښاغلي هدایت الله بدري د ملګرو ملتونو د سر منشي له مرستیالې آغلې روزماري دیکارلو سره د افغانستان بانک د عالي شورا په تالار کې. . .

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په هیواد کې معیاري بانکي خدمتونو ته د خلکو د لاسرسي د اسانتیا په موخه د غونډې جوړېدل

۱۴۴۵ ذوالقعدة الحرام ۶ مه - د افغانستان بانک د لومړي مرستیال ښاغلي نوراحمد اغا په مشرۍ معیاري، ارزانه، آسانه او با کیفیته بانکي خدمتونو ته د خلکو د لاسرسي په موخه د افغانستان بانک د. . .

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د افغانستان بانک 16 میلیونه امریکايي ډالره لیلاموي

1445 شوال المکرم 20 مه - د افغانستان بانک غواړي چې د 1445 کال د شوال المکرم د میاشتې په 21 نېټه (1403/02/11) د سه شنبې په ورځ د داوطلبۍ له لارې تر (16) میلیونه امریکايي ډالرو پورې د. . .

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