Da Afghanistan Bank Leadership Participates in the Annual Meeting of IMF and the World Bank

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Da Afghanistan Bank Leadership Participates in the Annual Meeting of IMF and the World Bank

22 October 2019 - Mr. Wahidullah Nosher, the Acting and first Deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank attended the annual meeting of IMF and the World Bank held in Washington D.C.

In this meeting, the leadership of Da Afghanistan Bank held bilateral and multilateral sessions with the higher authorities of the IMF and World Bank, and discussed different economic issues.

Mr. Nosher expressed his delight at the successful completion of the Extended Credit Facility. Fortunately, Da Afghanistan Bank has been able to successfully meet the targets and requirements of this program despite of difficult and challenging conditions of the country. He hoped and suggested that the IMF would start a new economic program for continuous economic reforms. The IMF was delighted at the successful completion of the Extended Credit Facility, welcoming the suggestion of starting a new program and ensured that shortly, the technical teams and the authorities of the two institutions will hold discussions in this regard.

Mr. Nosher extended his gratitude concerning the cooperation of the two institutions in the past and requested them to continue their cooperation, and support the Afghan Government in designing and implementing important economic programs. He insisted that two institutions give precedence to the programs that will boost the country's economic welfare and self-sufficiency.

Mr. Nosher, in separate sessions, met with the authorities of the United States Department of Treasury and discussed different issues especially anti-money laundering and terrorism financing.

It's worth mentioning that the 39th meeting of the Governors of Central Banks of the SAARC members was also held in Washington D.C on 17 October 2019 which was hosted by Bhutan.

Officials of the SAARC countries participated in this meeting and discussed issues concerning capacity building, financial inclusion, SAARC database, banking supervision and conducting collaborative research.

Mr. Naib Khan Jamal, Director Monetary Policy Department and SAARC Finance Coordinator, represented Da Afghanistan Bank in this meeting and spoke about circulation of foreign currencies in SAARC countries.  He requested these countries to work together for taking steps to prevent the circulation of foreign currencies, whereto, India expressed its readiness.

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