Sixth Meeting of the High Coordination Commission was held

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Sixth Meeting of the High Coordination Commission was held

September 07, 2022 – A meeting was held on AML/CFT regime’s implementation chaired by the acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank, Mr. Abdul Qahir (Haji Idrees) who is also the Head of AML/CFT Law Implementation Coordination High Commission.

At the outset, the acting Governor of DAB, Mr. Abdul Qahir (Haji Idrees) said that money laundering is one of the organized crimes which has grabbed the attention of the world, and Islamic teachings have been trying, since the very beginning, to recognize assets obtained through illegal and forbidden means as a crime and to combat against it.

He added that as a just regime and responsible authorities, our joint efforts should be directed toward combating financial crimes and putting maximum effort into preventing the negative impacts thereof.

Mr. Idrees said that the implementation of FATF recommendations can assist in the upcoming assessment of Afghanistan’s financial sector and secure the membership of Afghanistan in international organizations and will, in general, pave the way for engagement with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Thereafter, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Afghanistan’s team provided comprehensive insight into the independent nature, duties and responsibilities, and achievements of the said Center.

It’s worth mentioning that the representatives of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministries of foreign and interior affairs, Directorate General of Intelligence, and Office of the Attorney General were in attendance at the meeting where each one of them praised the achievements of the aforesaid Center and promised all kinds of cooperation.

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تدویر گفتمان بمنظور تحکیم روابط با ارگانها و نهادهای تعلیمی و تحصیلی بمنظور تشریک معلومات و آگاهی به مردم

 24 صفر المظفر 1444    جلسه ای تحت ریاست محترم عبدالقاهر (حاجی ادریس) سرپرست ریاست کُل د افغانستان بانک با معینان وزارت های ارشاد حج و اوقاف، تحصیلات عالی و معارف بمنظور آگاهی دهی به. . .

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مواصلت ۴۰ میلیون دالر امریکایی کمک های بشردوستانه به کشور

۲۴ صفر المظفر ۱۴۴۴- بسته نقدی ۴۰ میلیون دالر امریکایی امروز به عنوان بخشی از کمک های بشردوستانه کشورهای کمک کننده به افغانستان رسید و به یکی از بانک های تجارتی تحویل داده شد.

د. . .

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د افغانستان بانک 12 میلیون دالر امریکایی را لیلام میکند

23 صفرالمظفر 1444 - د افغانستان بانک الی مبلغ (12) میلیون دالر امریکایی را طی داوطلبی به روز چهار شنبه مؤرخ 24 صفرالمظفر 1444 (1401/06/30) بطور لیلام بفروش می رساند. بدینوسیله از بانکها. . .

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